This work is an abstract art associated with Pittura Metafisica, or Metaphysical Painting. It may be understood as an aesthetic structuralism, that is archetypal and at times involves the Jungian archetype. It is a ‘low’ or abyssal, dionysian abstraction. In a general sense, this work originated from an interest in bringing the dionysian into graphic, perspectival, and figurative work. It is related to abstract surrealism and metarealism, but emphasises the particular abstraction and formal interests of the metaphysical painters. An essence or immanence is brought about, a schematic infinity, which I understand through the tragic, shadow, and withdrawal.


1998  Nexus Exhibition, group exhibition, Downey Museum of Art, Downey, California.
1997  Homecoming Exhibition, group exhibition, Sarah Bain Gallery, Fullerton, California.
1996  Small Sacrifices, group exhibition,, Sarah Bain Gallery, Fullerton, California.
1995  Gallery Artists Christmas Exhibition, Sarah Bain Gallery, Fullerton, California.
1995  Untitled, Untethered, Christies auction, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, California.
1995  Solo Exhibition, Gallery 57, Fullerton, California.



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The work of artist and writer Ron Wyman.